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At Camber, we believe that an EV fleet is only as reliable as its chargers. We believe that you should expect high uptime from your chargers and are building new tools to get you there. We believe that you should never have to worry about whether your vehicle charged successfully. We believe that you should be able to rely on your charging partner to get your fleet on the road every day.

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Charging Equipment

Camber offers a wide range of charging solutions to meet your EV fleet’s needs, while optimizing depot footprint and configurability. Select from a range of power levels, dispenser types, and dispenser numbers to get your EV fleet on the road.

Charging Equipment

Installation Services

Camber is your experienced partner for seamless, safe, and reliable EV charging installations. Camber specializes in comprehensive electrification solutions, offering end-to-end services encompassing planning, design, build, and reliable operation of fleet-specific EV chargers.


Charger Management

Camber’s EV fleet and energy management platform includes full-service monitoring, charger management, charging cost optimization, and 24/7 remote maintenance of your charging infrastructure.

Charger Management

Comprehensive Service

At Camber, we understand the critical role that uptime plays in the success of your fleet. That is why we have crafted a service specifically designed to maximize your fleet’s efficiency and keep your electric vehicles charged and ready for action.


Solutions to Power
Your Fleet


EV Fleet Solutions

Scalable solutions tailored to your fleet needs.


Experience + Expertise

Industry leading experience in charging infrastructure and construction.


Making Management Easy

Software to manage charging and make sure your vehicles are ready to roll out in the morning.


Top-Notch Support

Support team who understands your fleet’s uptime needs.

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We’re Here to Help

With Camber Service, your fleet is in good hands, ensuring a seamless transition to electric mobility without sacrificing reliability.

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EV Fleet

As the world shifts towards sustainable transportation, more fleet operators are considering the transition to electric vehicles (EVs) for their fleets. However, moving from a few EVs to a fully electrified fleet requires careful planning and execution. In this guide, we’ll explore the essential steps to scale up your fleet of electric vehicles effectively.
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EV Fleet Charging

Choosing chargers for a commercial fleet is a big step compared to single vehicles. This article dives into 3 factors to consider for DC fast chargers: vehicle specs, fleet operations, and charging times. Factors like knowing when and how long vehicles can charge will influence charger selection.
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EV Fleet Charging

Choosing the right charger for a fleet considers how long it takes to recharge vehicles. Charge time depends on a unique combination of vehicle and charger. Examples show how fleet operation and charge times influence charger selection. Ultimately, the goal is to choose the lowest power charger that meets the fleet’s needs.
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