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Camber aims to end EV charging anxiety. Every EV driver—from an electric school bus operator to an Uber driver—should have confidence that their vehicle charged successfully and affordably.

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We believe that EV drivers should never have to worry about charging.

We are investing in tools to improve EV education, reduce costs for charging, and to quickly (and wherever possible, remotely) address any issues related to charging an EV.

We intend to improve the EV charging experience and get more electric vehicles out onto the road each morning.

Camber is a team dedicated exclusively to delivering reliable EV fleet charging. The team here put over 1,500 DC fast chargers into service in North America, entirely with EV fleets, at one point comprising the largest national fleet of DC fast chargers. We are proud of our experience but know that we have only just begun, and that reliability matters most. 

Our team comes from leading vehicle OEMs, charger OEMs, energy solution providers, utilities, and our goal is to make the transition to EV fleet charging as seamless and reliable as possible.

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