Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo 2024 Takeaways

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The Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo in Las Vegas has become the premier annual conference for electric commercial vehicles. ACT Expo unites the transportation industry in its efforts to reduce emissions from goods movement, the service industry, and passenger transportation, while promoting economic sustainability. This year’s event showcased the latest technologies, services, and vehicles advancing the transition to low- and zero-emission transportation solutions.

Revving Up Excitement

This year’s ACT Expo brought together 12,000+ attendees and CEOs from all the major commercial vehicle OEMs for product and project announcements. 2024 also saw a significant increase in investment in booths and ride and drive options. Tesla was a late addition with multiple Tesla Semi trucks available for ride and drives. Daimler Trucks North America (DTNA) unveiled a new concept truck. Volvo announced their new autonomous truck with Aurora. Zeem announced an exciting New Jersey port project. Penske announced Penske Energy, a joint venture between Penske and Forefront Power, for charging and infrastructure. With so many exciting developments from vehicle OEMs, the spotlight also turned to those enabling the infrastructure behind these advancements.

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Camber Debuts at ACT Expo

As industry leaders and innovators converged in Vegas, the Camber team met with customers and partners to support plans for exciting electrification projects. Camber’s team has already placed over 1,500 DC fast chargers into service in North America, exclusively with EV fleets.

Reliable EV Charging Solutions

As transport electrification accelerates, the importance of reliable EV infrastructure has become more evident than ever. Camber offers a wide range of charging solutions to meet electric fleet needs, while optimizing depot footprint and configurability. Camber customers choose from various power levels, dispenser types, and quantities to keep their fleets on the road. Our charging capabilities include 30kW, 120kW, 180kW, 360kW, and 1440kW, ensuring we have the right solution for every fleet size and type. Paired with Valence, Camber’s EV fleet and energy management platform, customers experience full-service monitoring, charger management, charging cost optimization, and remote maintenance of their charging infrastructure.

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The Road to Zero-Emissions

Three things have dramatically accelerated sustainable logistics in North America in the past decade: zero-emission regulations, the proliferation of available clean transportation technologies, and the growing number of shippers prioritizing sustainability to reduce impacts from freight operations. Whether these updates involve the evolving regulatory and funding landscape, progress in accelerating the development of zero-emission infrastructure remains critical.

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